Pain Management and Hypertension

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RSD /CRPS patients are warriars!

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Does RSD/CRPS have you backed into a Corner?

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Do I get a break?

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Living with the MOST PAINFUL condition known to man!


To start, it is the most painful medical condition known to man at a 45/50 on the McGill Scale. Because it is so painful and it is hard to find good doctors to treat this condition, has a grim nickname: the “suicide disease.” … RSD/ is a disease of the central and autonomic nervous systems.


RSD aka CRPS{Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome} aka Causalgia {RSD TYPE II} is one those diagnosis that you hope to never…EVER hear from your doctor.  What you think you know about pain {physical} will change forever. If you’re a religious person I can almost guarantee you that your faith will be tested. If you’re an atheist – you’d most likely start believing in GOD. If you don’t believe in anything -= you’ll count the days till you die or, in most cases, end up killing yourself.  YES – the pain is that bad! This condition’s has been nicknamed the “suicide disease” for an obvious reason. Mentally Healthy people don’t try to kill themselves for fun. It’s that bad where can seem like the ONLY choice.

is here to Educate, SPREAD AWARENESS,tell my story and even yours! All factual information will be sourced so you can verify. 

In the event of my demise I would like this website to live on along with my legacy. This website contains raw material of and pain that you’ve most likely never seen or heard before BUT it also shows you that there is hope…maybe not a cure but at least to make people aware, make them know what we go through and hopefully we can inspire some positive change.





(RSD) is a disorder that causes lasting pain, usually in an arm or leg, and it shows up after an injury, stroke, or even heart attack. But the severity of pain is typically worse than the original injury itself. Doctors don’t know exactly what causes it, but they are able to treat many cases.

The term is actually not a name that doctors use anymore. It’s an older term used to describe one form of Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS). RSD is sometimes called Type I CRPS, and it’s caused by injury to tissue with no related nerve damage.


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