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” Simmonds, who is in private practice in Harrisburg, Pa., tells WebMD, “The tragedy is that any day of the week a patient will be in my office in real pain, and a family member will say, ‘Don’t take morphine.’ Patients will suffer needlessly because they think they’ll get addicted. We have to take time to educate them.” {WebmD}


“BLOW BACK” of being a target

“In certain parts of the country, the crackdown on illegal use of OxyContin has made it hard for pain patients to get legitimate prescriptions. “OxyContin was the first prescription medication listed as a drug of concern by the federal Drug Enforcement Agency, which made it a target,” says Ronald T. Libby, PhD. The drug, Libby says, is “monitored by pharmacies and [Perdue] Pharma, the maker of OxyContin. Some physicians, knowing the DEA or sheriff is looking at these scripts, refuse to write prescriptions for fear of prosecution. Doctors can be scammed, and if a patient takes some pills and sells some, the doctor can be guilty of diversion.” Libby is the author of a Cato Institute policy report titled “Treating Doctors As Drug Dealers: The DEA’s War on Prescription Painkillers” andprofessor of political science and public administration at the University of North Florida in Jacksonville” Libby, who is writing a book entitled The Criminalization of Medicine: America’s War on Doctors, says OxyContin can be safer to take than nonsteroidal anti-inflammtory drugs (NSAIDs) such as ibuprofen and aspirin. “OxyContin does no damage to internal organs, but NSAIDs irritate the stomach lining, liver, and other organs.” Pinsky says, “If you had cancer you would thank God OxyContin exists. Unfortunately there’s a huge social movement vilifying it as an evil product of drug companies. It’s total nonsense. The drug itself is not bad. It’s a great medication, but it has to be used by skillful clinicians.”WebMD


I’m not a doctor or a lawyer but I am a pain patient. As if being in is not bad enough, everyone can make you feel like a criminal for taking the

ONLY thing you’ve tried that you actually get relief from. {Please understand the goal of pain management is not to completely stop your pain but to manage it so that you can have adequate relief while improving your severely degraded quality of life.} There’s a lot of things you’ll learn when your life has been turned upside down. First, family as much as they want to help can become a real problem if the correct set of circumstances are in place. Unfortunately those circumstances are already stacked against you the moment you are told that you have to go on a opiate related treatment. Add a really “the pain is in your head” type of doctor in the mix and now you have a disaster. {This is the nicest way I could put it}


What now? YOU are suffering, your idiotic doctor doesn’t want to help and instead of educating your family members CORRECTLY, THEY DO THE EXACT OPPOSITE! Like I said you really have a catastrophic situation. Seriously? WHAT NOW? This doesn’t happen in America, right? WRONG! IT DOES HAPPEN, too much. And I personally knew someone who took their life because they were at this stage of agony and they are being told to “Walk it off”, “Tough it out”, and there family was already condemning them to be addicted to the drugs.

What do you do? What can you do? How could I have helped my friend? What? Speak to their family? Come on, be realistic. Of course I tried that, but why would they listen to me? They probably thought I was another addict for all I know but it still didn’t stop me from speaking with them.

As extreme and unfortunate and frustrating as this situation may be here’s what I would do.

Step 1:
Get a new doctor. Doctors are not god, they are not “God Like”, they are HUMAN BEINGS; the most common mistake we make is to ALWAYS trust your doctor without question whatsoever. They can’t be wrong, right?? WRONG, again. Doctors, as I was saying, are human beings and will do what’s best for them and what will not get them in trouble before they even think of helping you. I digress from the original point. So, get a new doctor – do some research and this might involve presenting your case to multiple doctor before finding one that you feel comfortable with and that would help you. Please note : I am advising you to doctor shop – which is similar expect you’d be getting a prescription from each doctor and filling them simultaneously. Doctors are cautious because the potential for abuse is really high with these meds and some are really just a bunch of Ρµςςϒ and will not write these meds for anyone even if you’re terminal.

“You can’t always get what you want…”
When trying to find a new doctor please have the following ready and available:

  • ALL your medical records
  • Complete and comprehensive medical history
  • All scans/MRI’s/Xrays
  • Getting the point yet? You need everything, your complete history with all scans. If you don’t have them, GET THEM! As a patient it is your right to obtain any/all medical record pertaining to your health.

“..but if you try sometimes you might find you get what you need”

Step 2: Accepting the things you can’t change.

So let’s say the doctor may not have such good bedside manner, as they call it but he/she understands your issue and can and will help.  Please understand that you’re already in a tough spot, don’t make it worse by turning down a doctor because of something you don’t like about them. As long as the medical advice is sound and they will work with you to find a proper treatment plan and the right combination of medication that works for you. Again, I digress.  Step 2 is Accepting that you can’t always get what you want, but as long as you’re getting what you need you should be contempt with it.

Step 3: Properly educate your family, can really be blissful – persistence is the key and you’ll need lots of patience.

EDUCATE your family with the help of your new found physician. If you’ll be on an opiate regimen please ensure they get all their questions answered because if they don’t they will still give you a hard time about taking something that’s prescribed to you. I can’t even begin to explain how frustrating this is. Yes, I have firsthand experience in this.

FACT: You’ll need a support system and you’ll find that friends will start to disappear one by none slowly. Or at least distance themselves.

For the third time I digress.  The important thing to get out of this is to learn that you really a good support system and the odds are stacked against you from the start so don’t expect a fair fight.  Try to be persistent with your family, if presenting any type of evidence do it with your physician.

Please Note:​

{Please do not substitute anything in this post for Medical advice, if you are in immediate for help or in danger of suicide please call a friend, call the National Suicide hotline, do anything but end your life. I found it to be easier when speaking to a friend rather than family and please let it be someone you trust. Seriously, please don’t end your life over a temporary problem. }


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